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Why Asoon Elevator?

Asoon Elevator Limited, a leading force in the elevator industry since 2014, is renowned for its robust technical expertise and exceptional services in elevator installation, maintenance, repair, and modernization. Headquartered in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, the company partners with industry giants like Hitachi, Schindler, and Otis Elevator Company, ensuring top-quality and reliable services for its customers.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and stringent safety standards, Asoon Elevator Limited excels in delivering optimal performance and longevity for its clients’ investments. The company’s strong technical foundation enables it to offer seamless elevator modernization solutions, enhancing safety, efficiency, and aesthetics while minimizing downtime.

As Asoon Elevator Limited continues to expand its operations, its commitment to technological excellence and customer satisfaction solidifies its position as a trusted leader in the global elevator industry, driving innovation and growth in installation, maintenance, repair, and modernization services.

Asoon, accompanying you for a lifetime

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Asoon Elevator Limited is a company that values people and provides professional elevator services to its customers. As a service-oriented enterprise, Asoon follows the principle of being a service-based company and adheres to the motto of “Asoon, accompanies you for a lifetime” as its service culture.

For customers, Asoon provides safe, reliable, and diverse elevator services that are always there with them. Asoon elevators are a constant presence in their lives, providing reliable and safe transportation throughout every stage of their journey.

For us, the experience of working at Asoon has become the most shining memory of our lives, as the company has accompanied us through every stage of our growth, both personally and professionally.

Asoon Elevator Limited is a company that truly puts its customers first by providing high-quality elevator services and creating a supportive and nurturing work environment for its employees. Asoon has demonstrated its ability to fulfill its promise of accompanying its customers throughout their lives with sincere and dedicated service.

Whether it’s for customers or employees, Asoon is always there, accompanying them through every stage of their lives. With its sincere and dedicated service, Asoon has fulfilled its promise of being a company that will accompany its customers for a lifetime, helping them achieve their dreams and ambitions with reliable and safe transportation services.

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